The first thing after rookie got the money: Buy shoes

Jalen Ramsey, the fifth pick of the rookie, is likely to have a chance to win the Defensive Rookie of the 2016 season and will be the team’s future star player.

Jalen Ramsey

For him to do is how to adapt to the professional arena which is different from the university, but firstly, he needs to change his lives.

Ramsay sink in the shoes can not extricate himself since being selected by Jaguars. He told reporters: “I’m almost addicted to shoes, I need to stop this all, since the draft I may have bought 30 pairs to 50 pairs of shoes. In fact, I do not need to wear them, but I have no chance to do the things because I have no money, and now I can.”

Ramsey did not participate in the Jaguars preseason opener.