Ravens inner defensive lineman Terrell Suggs returns to training

coach John Harbaugh said last week that Terrell Suggs is the injured star who nearly will return to the training field. And on Monday, his wish came true, Suggs, who got an Achilles tendon injury in the 2015 season opener, set foot on the training ground for the first time during the times of offseason.

Terrell Suggs

Now, the Baltimore Ravens injury reserve may contain the most gifted players in the NFL history, including Elvis Dumervil, Steve Smith Sr. and Breshad Perriman, who are all plagued by injuries. Suggs refused media requests for interviews with an equivocation during minicamp. He has almost a whole year no training.

If the Ravens have any plans to return to the playoffs this season, they will move the 34-year-old Suggs out of the injury reserve when a month after the season begin.

During the whole offseason, Dumervil felt optimistic about the prospects of Ravens all the time, and he said the two could once again become the league’s best combination.